Web Etiquette

Here you find our network etiquette: a simple set of rules for behaving properly on our platform. Of course we would like to encourage meaningful debate about our exciting topics. We would also like you to keep the following network etiquette in mind:


1. We treat each other with dignity and respect


“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” On our platform we like to bring people together. Feel free to express yourself and share your knowledge, but try not to hurt people’s feelings. Do not use any swear words.


2. Respect other people’s privacy


Contact details of our experts, curators and hosts should only be used to get in touch: not for any spam activities. Our platform is not intended for acquisitive purposes.


3. Do not post commercial, illegal or offensive content


We do not appreciate any commercial posts. Any content that is not defined in a neutral way will be deleted, just as illegal or offensive content. If a user misbehaves more than once, he or she will be banned from the platform.


4. Use correct American English


Follow grammar and punctuation rules. Please use unabbreviated language. Avoid typing in all caps or grossly enlarging script. Stay neutral and try to remain as unbiased as possible. Online virtual communication is different than real life where we can rely on body language and facial expressions. Written text can easily be misinterpreted.


5. Provide unique content


We would like our content to be factual and neutrally presented. Try to avoid using the same text in more than one paragraph. Be unique: this is what makes your content stand out. Do not delete any content from other experts without consulting an editor of the Ecommerce Foundation. Make sure your content is verifiable with cited external sources and add references.


6. Follow editor instructions


It is possible you cannot edit every page as some pages are protected. You can always contact us to submit a request to add a new page or edit an existing one.


7. Share your knowledge!


We challenge you to participate and provide intelligent answers to make sure the total sum of ecommerce knowledge increases. Do not be afraid to share what you know. You can help students, retailers and even professionals to further develop their skills. Sharing knowledge is fun.

The Ecommerce Foundation has the right to refuse users who misbehave and/or violate our etiquette rules. Texts may be deleted or edited by editors of the Ecommerce Foundation without any statement of reasons or consultation.