Why you should go for a Data Feed Management tool?

Reason One


I want to increase speed and automation.


A data feed management tool can optimize more than just your products. It can streamline operations and remove the middle man. How frequently do you call a third party to correct a fix to your current inventory online, update your products, or read reports? Once a day? Multiple times a day or week?

A solution can handle everything you need to increase growth, speed and automation especially if you are doing everything manually. The right platform for you and your business will handle automation of your processes, importing and exporting of product details and handle the mapping of product information to the correct fields required, recommended and suggested. Additionally, it can schedule updates and keep you informed in real-time.

Information is a key component to the structure and foundation of your business to remove you away from monotonous tasks and put you back into the driver’s seat.


Reason Two


A sudden change in the business - increased monetary growth, a higher volume of products, or focus on advertising.


Did you run into growing pains your current business model cannot solve? The early starters may start small with one medium or channel -- Amazon? eBay? Or, just a stand alone shop integrated into Shopify, Magento (2), WooCommerce or a similar platform. Once you begin to feel your priorities shift, from running the daily day-to-day operations to focus on the growth of the business. A platform can help support you to take that leap, and make a seamless transition.


Reason Three


Too many channels and unable to keep up with each one individually, or not enough attention and time spent on each platform to maximize its potential.


When you turn to a solution because there is a lack of attention spent on all your channels it is so important to identify a platform that can handle all of integrations right from the start. The data feed management tool should have a variety of partnerships to the channels your on. Check to find out what API integrations match the active channels you sell on. This is especially important when it comes to pulling data to easily sync, import and export, map and understand the day to day activity of your online shops in real-time and one single location.


Reason Four


A head start against the competition - keep titles clean and concise and learn technical industry secrets to increase clicks and conversion.


Build a strategic partnership with the data feed management solution.

You’ve read forums and blogs. As an online seller, there are evident risks purchasing too much or too little products. What if you sell out quicker than expected? Or, what if a particular color, size, or style doesn’t sell as quickly as other similar products. Information you should know in real-time. This can save you a headache in the future. You want the data feed management tool to be user friendly and easily sync across channels -- to update product information or make changes.

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