Tips and tricks for setting up your customer service

Seven tips to optimize customer contact


Nowadays customers have high expectations of contacting and reaching out to organizations. As a company, you are forced to constantly look critically to your customer contact strategy. This applies to customer complaints, all the service parts in your business, customer relationship management and new business. Thanks to the increased amount of channels and the use of mobile devices, the challenge is even greater. A perfect customer experience that meets the needs of the client, contributes to a high degree of distinctiveness, brand and brand experience. These seven tips will help you to create the perfect customer experience:


1. Dare to choose the right channels


Once customers have questions, they want to reach an organization, preferably through a channel of their own choice. This is why it is important to think carefully about which channels you would like to use to speak with your customers. Your organization might prefer contact by phone, and other companies will opt for a combination of telephone, email and social media. Choose contact channels that are relevant to the service you want to provide as an organization. Dare to make choices and imagine like you are walking in your customer’s shoes.


2. Invest in employees


Your employees are the driving force behind your brand. All employees that connect with customers, and there might be more than you suspect, represent your organization and carry out your brand values. Once everyone is treated as an ambassador and is aware of its contribution to the experience of a customer as well as the objectives of your organization, they will show the desired behavior when connected to a client. Excitement stirs excitement, inside and outside your organization, resulting in an profitable revenue.

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