What are the requirements of a successful customer service strategy?

Great customer service is key to the legitimacy of organizations. To improve a business and keep customers happy, small changes in strategy could have a huge impact on success. Though nowadays organizations lack good customer service. The ones that offer good customer service are an exception, not a rule. Businesses that act instead of realize customer service is the new marketing, make a difference. This article outlines the tactics to create a profitable customer service strategy.


Customers say an improvement in interaction with service employees is the key driver to spending more money with an organization. Besides, a great percentage of customers cite incompetence and rudeness as the most important reason to give up on an organization. Most of the time, transactional businesses primarily care about the frequency of customers returning to their organization and how much money they spend during their visit. Subscription orientated businesses, on the contrary, focus on retention, cross- and up-selling. The latter is more often willing to invest in customer experiences, resulting in customers remaining loyal for a longer time and spending more money. Overall, it is interesting for all organizations to find out what is the value of good customer service to their business. https://www.contactcare.com


Minimal automation

Customers who are, in particular, trying to reach an organization by phone, are easily frustrated when they are confronted with automated services. Where technological solutions may be beneficial for businesses, it cannot be granted they are enlightening to everyone. As soon as the technological setup of an organization hampers the initiatives of a customer, some changes may need to be made. The existence of technology is not a precondition to use it.


Hire and train the right people

All human beings are a product of our environment. Organizations that believe customer service should not just be one department but the entire company, apply this to their recruitment strategy. It is key to find new colleagues that fit in intellectually, socially and emotionally. After hiring people with the right culture fit is it essential to organize a training program that every employee goes through, regardless their title. This training includes the company history, the importance of customer service and the long term business strategy. Businesses that choose to let their new employees start within the customer service team, are going back to the believe that service and customer experience are not a department. They are part of the structure of the entire organization.


Empower employees

There is still a great variety of organizations in which managers are the only ones making weighty decisions. Customers who are in need of assistance do not abide these organizational accountabilities. Therefore, a management could choose to trust their team with power and make sure they use this wisely. Especially those having direct contact with customers, should have the ability to make choices in specific, especially tense situations. Instead of lengthy management decisions and protracted discussions, a staff will deal with disputes in a skillful way. Staff can be trained properly and boundaries can be formed. As long as service representatives know under what conditions they are able to make decisions, there is no need to worry. Instead, the employee satisfaction as well as the customer experience increase.


Follow up

Organizations should be aware offering service to make a sale is just that. An overwhelming majority of businesses is still not checking in with customers. They are probably convinced customers do not have any further wishes. Over and over again research shows that ensuring customers happiness benefits the average lifetime value. Therefore they need to know an organization is available. Also organizations have to make sure customers are happy with a certain kind of product of service provided. This can either be checked by phone or another method of communication. The latter is dependent on the customers' time as well as their preference in terms of communication. By staying in touch organizations show their dedication. It keeps them on the radar. Whenever customers need comparable service or products in the future, the outspoken and hospitable brands and organizations are top of mind.


Listen carefully

To offer good service, good listening skills are required. The better an organization is able to listen to customers, the more satisfied they will be. If a service representative is only waiting for a customer to stop talking, there is no way he will find a way in ensuring the customer has an excellent experience. Open and direct communication is crucial when it comes to relationships. Anyone who contacts an organization with a request, is to be listened to carefully. When the right details are obtained during the first moment of correspondence, it will on the one hand cover the organizations confidence, and the feeling of comfort of the customer to return on the other hand. It is a challenge to take emotion out of a dispute and try to listen to the actual issue.


Benefit from the point of sale

Organizations who are only using their sale system when reaching out to customers, are probably missing out on excellent service opportunities. It is wise to use the sale system in combination with sending emails to keep in touch. It is wise to take advantage of system features to stay in touch with customers to make more sales in the future, as long as marketing, and indirectly sales as well, are build down the road of an organization.

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