Case Study: Business challenges online shop Hobbygigant: More and more international customers helps imaginative individuals create the products and designs to wow those around them. The company supplies the needed materials (knitting, art supplies, embroidery, home decoration and more).

Rein Suijker, one of the two owners of Hobbygigant: “We are in touch with our customers online with multiple online shops, a community forum, on social media and we offer a physical store in Apeldoorn so consumers can ‘meet-and-greet’ with our experts.”

Rein on selecting Safe.Shop as the trust mark for Hobbygigant: “Our target group is getting more international and although we have a solid reputation in the Benelux region, we noticed that our foreign visitors are hesitant to order from us. Looking into it a little further, it seems that lack of trust had a negative effect on our conversion rate. After research on multiple local/national trust marks we selected Safe.Shop.”


Why Hobbygigant selected Safe.Shop: A clear profile that matches both requirements on a business and consumer level

“Safe.Shop matches our customer’s needs. Safe.Shop provides our potential customers clear guarantees regarding delivery options, product returns, payment security and privacy. Topics that were at the forefront when looking into the issue of cross-border purchases on our website,” explains Rein.

Hobbygigant checked multiple local and national trust marks, but had difficulties finding one that fitted their needs. Safe.Shop has a clear profile that matches both requirements on a business and consumer level. During the free test period they A/B-tested with and without the Safe.Shop logo, using multiple locations in our online store. Hobygigant found an increase in conversion rate and an higher purchase value when the Safe.Shop logo was displayed on the homepage, shopping basket page and the check-out page. Rein: “We are currently testing the most optimum location on these pages.”


The advantages of selecting Safe.Shop: AB Testing with the Safe.Shop Trustmark on our website resulted in an remarkable increase in our local and cross border conversion


When asked about the test, Hobbygigant’s owner stated that. He went on to add: “I am positively surprised regarding the impact of the Safe.Shop logo on our online shop. Past tests with other trust marks didn’t convinced us to continue spending money on them. But the Safe.Shop trust mark is value for money I can recommend,” Continues the owner of Hobbygigant.

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