When is your company ready for Analytics and Big Data and how to start with it?

Today almost every company becoming active online starts with a website. This is the easiest part. In attracting visitors to your website and lead them into your customer journey you can use several online marketing instruments such as online advertising, social media and e-mail marketing.


In general you see that B2C companies are more active online and use more online marketing techniques. But B2B companies have experienced the urgency becoming actively online also. Their customers are also orienting online and start their decision process in their customer journey from there. B2B companies make big steps into digital transformation. But because the competition is fierce, your company should distinguish form the competition in order to attract visitors, hold them and transform them into loyal customers. And in that stage is where data analytics becomes useful.


With data analytics your company can collect, analyze and make personalized offers to your customers. Your company can improve the online behavior and experience in order to increase the conversions and loyalty of your customers. One of the conditions is that your company should collected enough data in order to do relevant analysis.


In order to get data, you should install Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the tool you should use in order to collect, analyze and report the data of the online behavior and actions of your visitors and (returning) customers.

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