How to manage multiple warehouses in different countries?

Companies spread their warehouses acrros different countries for multiple reasons. Multiple warehouses bring transportation and labor costst down, they decrease the delivery time and bare minimal risk. But how do you manage all these warehouses effectively? In this topic you will find some tips and tricks on how to manage multiple warehouses in different countries.

Inventory software

Managing multiple warehouses in different countries can be a real pain in the ass. But when your inventory software is on point the warehouses become much more manageable. If you implement the software correctly you have multiple maps that contain the products that are located in the warehouses. Because of the real-time insight in the stock levels you can instantly locate the products you’re looking for and ship them as fast as possible to the customer or to one of your warehouses.

Inventory management

Analyzing the sales of every warehouse is a major factor in inventory control. Over time the company will be able to see what kind of stocks gets sold most by which warehouses. This will easen up the purchase policy and prevent overstocking or dead stock.

Every warehouse should have an overview of their stock levels. This will improve the overall management because it’s clear for everyone what the maximum, minimum, average and reorder level is. This will simplify the inventory planning and get you close to optimum stocking.


When a particular warehouse encounters a problem the focus of the management will shift to this particular warehouse until the problem is solved. However this is where the great challenge of having multiple warehouses start. During the time that the management is focussing on this particular problem the other warehouses won’t get the attention they need for their relatively small problems. When these small problems don’t get attention they will get big until the management will get involved and try to solve the problem. In this situation it’s better to be safe and sorry by making sure that all the warehouses are involved in the communication when a problem occurs. There is a big chance that the seperate warehouses have already dealt with a similar problem before. If not all the warehouses know what the management is up to these days and will accept the temporary decline of attention.

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