How to layout your warehouse?

The layout of a warehousing building is vital for the productivity and the success of a warehouse. An inefficient layout can cause inventory control issues, errors in shipping and space-wasting. When the layout of a warehouse is fully optimized the overhead costs will be minimum and the productivity will be maximum. In this topic you will find some basic tips for the layout of your warehouse.

Layout and flow of building

Matching the building with the planned operations for your warehouse is a vital part of the location. It is extremely important that the building matches your operations, because that is the only way to fulfill the full potential of the building. Do the machines fit in the rooms? Are the ceilings high enough? Is there enough space for loading and unloading the transport? Is there a logical flow of raw materials in and finished products out? Is it possible to rebuild the warehouse for the production line? These questions are all related to the layout and flow of a building and are good to consider before selecting a location for your warehouse.

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