What are the best guerilla marketing campaigns?

In this article you will read about 9 of guerilla marketing’s best practices and what they did right. If you have not yet read the previous articles, or if you want to refresh your memory you can do so by reading the following articles: What is guerilla marketing and “How to set-up a guerilla marketing campaign”. It does not matter if you are just curious or want to get inspired this article will surely help you on your way.

So, without further ado, here are nine guerilla marketing best practices.

Windshield Skiing

To start of a rather old and maybe lesser known campaign. This is a perfect example of a cheap marketing campaign that still reaches people in a special way. The idea is simple: at several dry ski slopes, holiday expo’s and other urban adventure spots people park their car for some time to enjoy winter themed events. The marketing team of DirectSki and Bloom used this time to put cut-out 3D skiers on the windshield of the parked cars. While people where still enjoying their day out the snow would start to fall and cover their windshields with a white layer of powder resembling a ski slope.

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