How to make a viral marketing campaign successful?

A few final tips:

  • Be realistic: most virals only have a mild impact and virals rarely impact direct sales.
  • Create engagement: let the viral receiver adapt and create its own content based on yours.
  • Use social influencers: their networks are usually much stronger and more on the mark than those of your own company.
  • Be ready to scale up: if a viral really goes global the impact can be very strong on departments like:
    • PR: handling questions from the global press
    • IT: adding more server capacity
    • Sales: handling more transactions, visitors in store
    • Customer care: answering questions
    • Logistics: being able to ship more products, faster
    • Be prepared: for negative backslashes and prepare a crisis plan if things go south.
  • Test everything: both the content (different cultures) and the IT (can the platform handle it? Is the content not too big to download?).
  • Do not push: if it does not go viral, it does not go viral. Pushing a viral in most cases just leads to irritation.
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