How to set-up a guerilla marketing campaign?

When you are on a small budget or want to create a unique marketing experience guerilla marketing is a viable option. Guerilla marketing does not require much money but it does require a lot of time, energy, and imagination. Furthermore, there is a (large) risk factor regarding the effects of your campaign. If you are ready to take the risks and invest the time and energy necessary, you will want to know how to set-up a guerilla marketing campaign.


The first important thing to formulate is the essence of your message, make it as short and understandable as possible. Set a clear goal for your campaign, know your consumers, your brand and your category. When you have these aspects clear you can determine what would intrigue your public and your consumers. Next you want to think about the headlines you would like to see, the videos you want to see and the stories you would like to hear.


When you are done researching your audience, surroundings, and thoughts about what kind of media attention you would like to receive it is time to start planning. When planning, keep in mind that the campaign itself will not last for a single moment. The effects of your campaign will be known for a long time after the campaign itself has finished. And setting-up a campaign will take a lot of time before its actual execution.

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