What is user experience?

By definition, usability is all about developing products efficiently, effectively and to the highest satisfaction of the customer. However, these properties should not only be applied to products (digital or not), but also extended to services and processes to create and design holistic experiences.


In short the difference between usability and user experience is that usability is about the product or service itself while the user experience includes the entire experience including the orientation which product to buy, the actual purchase of the service, the usage of the product and the after sales support.


What is UX?


Many people mistakenly think that “UX” means a user’s experience, but it is actually about “doing” the process of User Experience Design. UX Design (also sometimes called UXD) involves a process very similar to doing science: UXD does research to understand the users, develop ideas to solve the users’ needs — and the needs of the business — and build and measure those solutions in the real world to see if they work. The video below explains UX in more detail.

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