What is meant by translation management?

What is Meant by Translation Management?


As cross-border ecommerce continues to grow and offer significant revenue-boosting opportunity, online retailers need think about a localization strategy in order to gain a foothold in new markets. Today’s consumers expect a high degree of personalization in the marketing communications that they receive. Online retailers wishing to grab their client’s attention and build a sense of trust in an international context must go beyond simple translation. They need to localize their communication – on their website, newsletter and customers support messages – to ensure an optimal user experience. This includes using local expressions, cultural references, units of measurement and currency. All while maintaining the company’s tone and style. Localization is the key to creating a personalized experience that resonates with consumers in 2017.


The Role of Translation Management


This is where translation management plays a vital role in the success of any international expansion strategy. It involves building a team of qualified translators that understand your company, SEO requirements and brand voice. Translation management also includes handling the technical import/export of content and preparing ahead so that when a new promotion or collection is launched, all the content is available in all languages simultaneously.

Common Challenges during the Translation Management Process

  • High volumes requiring significant resources (large number of translators, project managers, developers)
  • Specialized industry content
  • Strategic SEO issues
  • The need to adapt to every market (language, culture, currency)
  • Budget constraints
  • Difficulties with importing & exporting content
  • Managing HTML code and other code within the text
  • Ensuring the quality of the translation

Online retailers that rush into international expansion on a whim can quickly find themselves overwhelmed and unprepared to deal with all of these challenges. This is why it is vital to conduct a thorough analysis of your ecommerce goals, internal resources and create a detailed strategy.


A Successful Translation Management Process


The true indicator of a successful translation management process is the user experience of the customer. Localized content will also convey your company’s “brand voice” and personality, by maintaining a similar tone and style. It will also:

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