What are the challenges regarding digitizing your store?

As we know, consumers have changed their way of purchasing, they are now buying both in-store and online. Changes in shopping habits should be quickly analysed so brands can keep up with current technology and be as connected as their customers are.


Create a customer journey using a digital culture that serves specifically your store's needs.

It is crucial to create a digital journey for your customers, but this one shouldn’t be devoid of meaning. This is why you should try to create a digital culture that matches with your brand’s needs and uses, which you will implement in your customer journey. The aim is to create a digital area that enriches and improves the customer journey.

Another challenge consists in upgrading your marketing and commercial strategies by starting to use digital tools

Using digital tools can enable you to reach a much wider audience, furthermore with personalized content that matches better with the customer’s expectations. This will enhance your current strategies and allow you to use marketing actions that target at the customer’s specific needs and expectations.

Bringing your clients into your physical store

This challenge is to guide the customer from an initially online journey to an in-store transaction (web-to-store). This in one way of providing an optimal customer experience, as this could also increase the sales by bringing directly the customer in the store. However, the customer must never feel forced to come into the store, he/she should rather feel the natural desire to come, and this is where the challenge is for brands.

Give access to today’s technologies to in-store sales staff so they can provide the best service to the customer

In order to integrate the customer’s digital shopping experience with the in-store experience, the sales staff needs to have access to the digital tools available, as well as trained to use them. With these tools in hand, the sales staff will be able to better understand the customer’s needs and requests, so they can provide them with the best service once in-store. These tools need to be in place to serve the customer inside the physical store, bringing him/her assistance and advice when needed.


Guaranteeing efficient customer service

Omnichannel interactions with the customer can turn into a tracking nightmare. In order to ensure proper and fluid communication with the customer, all interactions need to be centralized in the same system and also easily accessible by the relevant teams.

Measuring the results coming from the use of these digital tools

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