What are the requirements of a successful Supply Chain Management strategy?

Defining a successful strategy for a supply chain is a complex and rather large topic to deal with. To simplify a successful strategy without knowing what the supply chain is responsible for moving we will need to make a lot of assumptions. the basics are as follows:

  1. what is the required time to market are warehouses required and if so what time should the stock remain in the warehouse (stock turns per year) are there any particular requirements for the goods i.e Perishable, Humidity control, Small parts, Large items.
  2. what are the strategies required for the goods. FIFO, FEFO, CTO, BTO, BTS
  3. how are goods delivered within the supply chain. Road, Rail, Sea, Air. is a control tower required
  4. Does the warehouse site require TAPA certification
  5. what WMS and IT systems are in place

As you can see from above each of these points requires a full strategic implementation as well as a budget to ensure the business is cost effective. the suggestions above act as the building blocks for the overall strategy.

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