How to deal with the continuous changing environment?

Supply Chain, as with any discipline in logistics is subject to the same market and technological forces that exist in this ever changing world. What worked yesterday will not necessarily fit the bill for today's or even tomorrow's requirements. To properly adapt to and overcome the changing environment there needs to be an ethos of Continuous Improvement in all aspects of the supply chain.


Continuous Improvement and Change Management are an integral part of ensuring that the supply chain stays ahead of and in turn incorporates the latest technology and techniques to provide a more efficient business model. Some of the more simpler ways to do this are:

  1. Stay up to date with the relevant press releases via Podcast, Vlogs, Blogs, YouTube etc.
  2. Subscribe to industry and trade magazines as well as web sites.
  3. Networking with business clubs
  4. Reviewing the latest technological advances. For instance, drones came on the scene a few years ago to much furor and now today they are being trialed by some of the biggest logistics and home delivery companies world wide.

To provide a clear example on how to stay ahead and up to date, a classic example is the use of Google glasses for picking in warehouses. While there are still pick to voice and pick to light systems in use, we see that more companies are using these vision systems for manual picking to reduce pick errors.

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