What does the next generation of content delivery look like?

As a baseline, the right CDN improves the user experience, adapting optimizations to the real-time context and conditions – whether for a rich website to a smartphone over cellular or a 4K stream to UHD displays at broadcast scale. It must also eliminate complexity, secure websites and applications hosted in the cloud, and enable the agile enterprise. Even more importantly, it must always be forward looking, always evolving. It is the CDN for today and also tomorrow, understanding and anticipating the continually changing needs of the Internet and its users and enabling its customers to thrive in that environment.


While there are a number of offerings in the CDN marketplace, significant differences in platform architecture, software capabilities, and support services translate into striking disparities not only in website performance and the end-user experience but in all of the crucial factors just mentioned. To meet the needs of businesses operating in the Internet of today and tomorrow, a CDN must satisfy four key components, working in concert:

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