Why are CDNs important and what is the purpose?

Why are CDN’s important? Because the Internet was never designed to support global, commercial, and business use. The basic protocols of the Internet are business-based, rather than performance based; and therefore the fundamental rules guiding data from place to place are not set to deliver real-time, high quality online experiences. CDN’s are a critical for businesses looking to meet or exceed users rising expectations. Indeed, CDN's carry approximately half of all web traffic at any given time. CDN's help:


  • drive sharing of online media such as live and on-demand streaming video for events and entertainment
  • can deliver web applications for enterprises with users across a wide region or the world
  • deliver dynamic content for online shopping sites and personalized web experiences
  • support web performance optimization solutions for online gaming and social media networks
  • provide a platform for software and application delivery for cloud-based installation and updates
  • deliver adaptive content for mobile devices and media that will be viewed across a mobile network.
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