What kind of tools should you use to support your social media effort?

Social media support tools can be divided in a few categories. The most important ones are listed below:


Social media management tools


A lot of companies are present on multiple social media networks. But how do you manage everything that is going on these accounts? There are tools that help you manage and analyze all your social media networks from one platform. These tools show you how much traffic you generate, measuring campaign results and help you to schedule content across different social media. A few examples of social media management platforms are:

  • Sproutsocial Sproutsocial offers a free trial.
  • Hootsuite.com One of the leading social media management tools available in both a free and a paid version.
  • MediaInjection (MIconnect) This tool has the advantage that it can be connected to an advertising platform. This way you can use user behavior (for example reading an article at your social channel) to follow up with a social advertisement. Media Injection is also capable of offering WhatsApp service via an API.
  • Buffer Buffer makes sure you have a consistent social media schedule per week without worrying about managing the delivery times. The Bufferapp shows you analytics about the engagement and reach of your postshttps://blog.dashburst.com/best-social-media-management-tools/.



Video usage on Social media


Item length of video on social media

Using video will boost your messages on social media. The way you present your messages on social media is generally different from the use of video on, for example, your own website. You see many subjects and posts passing by on social media. People quickly scan through those messages. That means that you have very little time to draw attention to your message.


The item length is very important

Social videos must be very short. Always bear in mind that a successful social video should be no longer than one minute. That means that you must make choices about what should be in the video and what should not be, before you start recording it. Less is more!

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