What are the risks of using or not using social media?

Social media is almost indispensable for companies and nowadays it is unthinkable that companies do not use them. Customers expect that companies are on social media and it also has many benefits for companies, such as:

  • Public problem resolution
  • Direct engagement
  • Social profile
  • Social listening
  • Help getting new prospects or customers
  • A direct-selling tool
  • Customers and fans can help each other.

These advantages are further explained in a previous article on advantages and disadvantages of social media


Risks of not using social media


Not having social media also contains some risks. The risk of not having social media is that you get out of the loop. While a lot of customers are seeking information and connecting with other customers through social media, you cannot be reached if you do not have social media channel(s). Customers expect to ask questions on social media and get answered very quickly. By not having social media you run the risk of losing potential customers and miss essential information.

This information can consist of positive or negative feedback. Today, customers complain more and more via social media. If you cannot respond to them correctly, because you are not active on social media, your business will get hurt. Customers can complain on review sites such as Yelp or Merchant Circle and warn other consumers. You will also miss out on the positive feedback. However, if customers believe their comments will not be read, satisfied consumers are less likely to leave feedback.


Risks of using social media


Not using social media has a few risks but using social media is not without risk either. The first risk of using social media as a company is reputation damage. Social media may cause a risk to a company’s reputation by creating negative publicity. Legal issues may perhaps arise if a company gives an inappropriate comment about another company on a social media platform, for instance.

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