Should I make a social media company policy and what would it exist of?

Many companies now use social media to monitor customer sentiment and, where possible, take corrective action to recover any negative customer experience. Social media management seems to get more and more attention. Retailers put their customers first and try to make a connection with individuals. But how do you cope with all these new 24/7 possibilities to connect to the world out there? Should you not only develop a social media strategy but also a policy for your employees? Reward the ones who spread the word or leave all the communication about your company up to certain customer specialists?


Tesco has formed a separate social media business unit and hired experienced customer service agents with social media skills. The key objectives are to deliver great customer service, drive action through customer insight, build customer advocacy, and build a contemporary image for the brand. Customer service is at the core of every interaction, with social media helping to ensure that issues and complaints are attended to and resolved quickly. Tesco uses a sentiment tracker to monitor positive and negative comments, and leverages social media to proactively respond to customers and foster better customer relationships.

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