5 Telling reasons for optimizing your business for voice search and purchase

A surprisingly funny thing just happened! On our way to organizing the content on voice search optimization for you, we asked Google via voice search to tell us reasons why it is important to optimize the business for voice search and purchase, and it left us impressed! The refined search results that popped up after ending the voice search command were exactly what we needed. This is how efficient the voice search system is and the sole reason to optimize the business for this latest trend is to grow its territory and increase the sales of the business company.


Even the Magento development company is eager to add in themes, templates, and plug-ins to facilitate the voice search feature. Hire Magento developer and you’ll know how determined they are to make their e-commerce product suitable for their customers. Even Google supports the use of voice search. The study carried out by Google show that more than 50% of the queries will be made by voice search by the year 2020. Wouldn’t you still want to optimize your business for voice search feature?

Here are the five solid reasons that will convince you more!


1. Voice assistants and the latest technology devices are making it inevitable


The use of a smartphone, digital watches and tablets are at its peak today. By the end of the year 2017, 33 million voice search devices were in use. The users are indulged in using multiple applications and mobile features to make their life easy. The voice search feature is among the multiple facilities offered by the smartphone that satisfies the users. According to the higher visibility research, 52.8% of the users use voice search while they are driving or doing some other activity. It allows them to find out the answer to their query without being disturbed. The typical typing style to search for something is now fading. The users are in constant conversation with the voice assistants like Cortana, Siri, Google’s assistant, and Amazon echo when it comes to purchasing a product/ service through online stores or finding out an answer to the daily activities relevant query. 87% of the participants in the research think voice search is accurate. Thus, adding this to your business strategy will only help you offer accurate search results to your customers thus, increasing your business’s reach and customer retention rate.


2. It requires specific changes to be made to your SEO strategy


One of the Google’s reports suggests that 70% of the queries received by Google Assistant are in the natural language. This means that a change in the SEO strategy is required. You target specific keywords so that Google can bring out your website in the top search results, right? Now, you’ll have to revise some of the practices and optimize your business according to the voice search. Two major changes that you need to make in your SEO are: • You should target for long tail keywords: The natural language used in the voice search tends to be more of a conversational language. This is why targeting a keyword with longer tail helps in enhancing the search results. Now you need to enter long tail keywords into your website’s content to improve the business’s online presence. • Enhance the business website’s mobile responsive design The majority of the voice searches are carried out on the mobile phone. Thus, making sure your business website follows a mobile-responsive design and offers good mobile-experience is quite essential.


3. Enhances the customer experience


Image source: https://usabilitygeek.com/ A good customer experience offered by a business company helps in enhancing the sales and increasing the profit. It also helps to maintain customer loyalty and makes sure the customer purchases products only from your brand. This is why every possible way through which you can improve the user experience must be applied to your business strategy. The use of voice search is one of such ways. The internet trends 2016 states that most of the main consumer benefits of voice search are related to improved user experience. It helps the people who find it difficult to type and is very user-friendly. The search result is simpler and faster. It is popular for its accurate results and helps people avoid navigation issues on the website. It definitely helps boost the online presence of the business!


4. It enhances the visibility of featured snippet


Another reason why voice search is becoming popular these days for the optimization of the businesses is the fact that it increases the featured snippet’s visibility. Google Home and Google Assistant are responsible for reading the snippets from the websites that rank in ‘position zero’. This once again helps improve the business’s online presence on the web and drives more traffic to the website. Thus, optimize your business’s website for featured snippet and voice search, and enjoy the benefits that it offers.

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