What is the Quality Score?

The quality score is an indicator which enables to evaluate the campaigns and ads created as part of the Google Adwords program.


This same quality score is translated into a mark out of 10.

Although the exact formula of the quality score is still unknown, its main components are the followings:

  • The Click-Through Rate (CTR) of the keyword and of the related ad.
  • Your account history, calculated with all the CTRs of the keywords and ads your account includes.
  • The CTR history of the URLs to display.
  • The landing page quality.
  • The keyword relevance regarding the other ads.
  • The keyword and ad relevance regarding the query.
  • Your account performance in the geographic area where the ad will be displayed.

For Google Adwords, the use of the quality score allows to maximize the profit and to make sure that the commercial links presented to the users have an assured quality.

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