What are meta description tags?

It is important that search engines can find your information. You can put a meta description on every page for better search results. This is called Search Engine Optimization, SEO in short. You can use between 150 and 160 characters (spaces included). The meta description should portray a sufficient, relevant description of the page. You can put the most important (search) words at the beginning of your text. The text of the meta description could be a description of the page in a full sentence or a structured summary of the content.


The meta description does not directly affect the ranking of search results, but is important to persuade the visitor to click on your result. The meta description is a brief summary of up to 156 characters (including space bars).


You can find the meta description in Google search results (the piece of descriptive text in the search results). It is important to fill the meta description, because otherwise this is done by Google. Google uses the first part of your website and ends the text automatically with dots. This looks unprofessional and does not invite visitors to click on your page. The meta-description should be unique for every page and should also be relevant. If it is possible, make sure your meta description includes a call to action :convince the visitor to click on your result.

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