How to get a better ranking on mobile search?

There are several factors which play a part in a high ranking position for mobile websites. They can be divided into 3 groups: technical factors, user experience related factors, and content related factors.

Technical factors

  • Choose a responsive design for your website, which is the pattern recommended by Google. It will enable you to display your website on mobile, while keeping the same URL and HTML code.
  • Your website has to be fast-loading to be ranked on top of the list. Knowing that the loading time in the mobile top 10 is 1.10 seconds, and with a loading time of only 0.07 seconds more so 1.17, will send you down in the top 30 at least.
  • You can use AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages ) which works 30 times faster than normal links. They have a positive effect, not only on ranking, but also on click-through rates, because users will be able to navigate fast though your whole website.
  • You should avoid flash content on your mobile website, as it cannot be displayed yet, or you will risk a penalty from Google for hidden content.
  • Deal with every issue/bug that your website can contain, such as 404 errors or every problem that could imply difficulties for your site to be explored.

User experience related factors

  • Something as simple as a list can affect your site in a positive way, if the list is unordered. As an ordered list is easy to scan, Google will be more generous with your ranking position if you have list that unordered, and also not too long.
  • Try to use images, but not too much as this would affect the site’s speed. You should optimize the size of your images. And also, know that on average, a mobile page has 4 images.
  • Avoid pop-ups, as they are already annoying on a computer, on a mobile they would totally obstruct the content of your website and they also are Google’s pet peeve.
  • Use a font big enough so the visitors get invested in your content. The recommended size is 16 pt for a mobile page.

Content related factors

  • Optimize your keywords. Place your keywords in the body, the longer your text will be, the more keywords you will have. But do not write a too long text, as texts are usually shorter on mobile webpages.
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