How to set up your SEA campaign?

As we have mentioned before Google AdWords is one of the leading Search Engine Advertising platforms. In the next section we will guide you through the process of setting up an effective Google AdWords campaign step by step.

In order to set up a good AdWords campaign it is important to do so using a number of specific guidelines. We will go through the various steps in the section below, but we also recommend that you read all items in the Search Engine Advertising topic in this Wiki before you start working in the Google AdWords interface in order to gain good knowledge of the various terms, concepts and processes.

1. Determine your goals

There are a number of different goals that you might have: -Generate traffic to your website -Increase brand awareness -Generate conversions

Once you have determined your goals, you can layout your strategy, which is in most cases reflected in the account structure.

2. Structure

Organize your campaign to mirror your website A good rule of thumb for creating an effective campaign structure is to mirror your website's structure. By creating campaigns and ad groups around a specific theme or product, you can create keyword lists that directly relate to the corresponding ad text, and ads that link directly to that product's page on your website. You can even add keyword-specific URLs to improve the quality and relevance of your ads in your account.

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