Why should you use video in your web shop?

The audience should be offered the same experience when they are watching a product video as if they were helped by a merchant. Every customer loves to buy at the expert.

A stock photo and a default text; many web shops use the same content. The customers have no idea how to use a product or what the dimensions of that product are. Diversity and distinction is close to zero. As soon as you start to use videos this changes and your helping your customer at the same time.


These 4 pointers will help you and your customer tremendously.

Video is conversion

Videos in your web shop help increase the average time spent on your website. The visitor is getting to know you and your shop better. A good customer-centric video explains the use of a product. A good product video helps your customer to understand the product; one of the reasons why people are more likely to buy their needs in your web shop. The specifications like dimensions should stay on the product page; no need to tell them in the video.


An example of a video which explains the use of a machine.

  • YouTube SEO: YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine. Also, about 300 hour’s worth of video are being uploaded every hour. This means you should fill in the description and metadata with the right keywords. If you do so your video’s will rank higher in the YouTube search engine; and in the Google search engine.

A video explanation on YOUTUBE SEO



An example of the way you could fill the basic info of your YouTube videos.



  • Reduce returns: Often web shops use a stock photo from the manufacturer on a white background. Combine this with only the dimensions of the product so your visitor may guess what your product exactly is.


A simple stoch photo of a product with no extra information will keep consumers guessing towards its purpose.


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