What is a video strategy?

Creating a video is not that difficult. Grab your phone and start recording. But, are you creating something that your audience is waiting for?

Just like content strategy, a video strategy starts with a plan.

Back in 2010 you could start making some videos for YouTube. Almost nobody created online marketing videos for their webshop; so, nobody cared about poor quality or bad scenarios. These days it seems that everybody is making videos; and your customer is expecting quality. This article is not about being a vlogger with thousands upon thousands of followers or creating appealing videos; it is about how to communicate with your customer and understanding their need for information.


Customer-generated content

As a webshop owner you should care about creating product videos. A product video does the same thing as a merchant in a store. The merchant helps you find the right product, explains the pros and cons of several products. A good product video does not give a summary with the specifications, it tells you for what and how to use a product just like the merchant does.

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