How to measure if your video is succesful?

Audience retention

Audience retention reports help you to understand what your audience likes and what your audience does not like. In our article on: How to get as many views as possible you can read more about audience retention reports.


In the audience retention report you will find your viewers behavioral statistic. You can use this data to determine what kind of approach your audience prefers and create new content based on these reports.


YouTube cards analytics

Cards and annotations are clickable links in a video. By creating a clickable link your visitor does not need to search for your product page, landings page or any other page you link. Another added benefit of cards is that they appear and disappear whenever you as content creator want to. If you promote a second product in your video for example, you can display a "card" for the 5 seconds you talk about that product and then make it disappear again to focus on the main product.


Creating YouTube cards has already been discussed in a previous article: How to integrate a call to action in your video


Next step is to measure how often your cards and annotations are used and in which timeframe the best click-through rates are. You can create a card or annotation at the start, halfway through or at the end of your video. By creating cards for differed moments in your video YouTube analytics will show you which perform best.

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