How can video result in fewer returns?

For every webshop are returns a problem, not only the handing costs money but in many cases the product will depreciate. Buying in a local store helps, you can see simple like the dimensions and also how to use it.


Of course, not every observation you can make in a local store can be solved by using better visuals. For example shows; do they fit well? Of a smartphone; do you like the touch and loudness of the speaker? In this paragraph you can read how to solve a number of issue’s by using video, but not all of them will be solved.


‘How to use’

In this example from espressoplanet you get a long explanation of a Breville Barista coffee machine. The camerawork isn’t good, but the audience doesn’t care! The average watch time is 3:36 minutes from a total of 6:02 This is pretty good because of the length of the video. The presenter gives you several tips&tricks in the use, things you won’t read in the manual. After watching this video you know for example the amount of time it takes to make yourself a fine coffee.

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