What is Product Information Management?

Many organizations currently use a Product Information Management system, but what is it and what does such a PIM system deliver to  your organization? In one sense, a PIM system is based on processes that centrally manage product data. This is how every organization produces content. Think of social media messages, newsletters and blogs. If you do not do this as an organization, then you walk behind the clock. But problems also arise for organizations that do go along with the times. For example, there is often a  data overload , especially if you are also in possession of a web shop. Here is a solution for a  Product Information Management (PIM) system.


A Product Information Management system is a software package based on processes that enable the organization to centrally manage and enrich product data. So that this data can tell the right story in every channel.


So whether you are a supplier, distributor, producer or retailer and you focus on B2C or B2B, everyone has to deal with high product data expectations of their stakeholders. Maintaining and meeting the quality expectations requires many organizations: More products and more channels, how do you keep that in a structured way under control? The challenge is to optimally offer product data, which is consistent in every channel and on every touchpoint, in order to achieve the highest possible conversion. It is essential to centralize the sources and say goodbye to the traditional Excel sheets and other decentralized emergency solutions and say hello to a new solution such as a PIM system.


To put it simply: a PIM system 'regulates' all information between the different systems you use in your organization such as: ERP, accounting, POS, web shops and many other systems. The most important advantage of a PIM system is:

  • The quality and consistency of your data increases.

By having all the information flow through a PIM system, you create an improved quality of information, consistent communication with your customers and an unambiguous appearance through sales channels.


This provides a PIM system for your organization:

  • No double management: Always up-to-date thanks to a smart integration that allows you to process all product data in one source. Double management is now a thing of the past.
  • Increased engagement: Make the total online experience even more special, keep your target group involved and boost your online growth.
  • More effective sales: Handle specific offers and customized prices, based on reports on the behavior of your visitors.
  • Inspiring content Make your products even more attractive and seduce your target group with inspiring images and videos.
  • Fast time-to-market: Integrate any type of content for every channel and medium and thus achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Multichannel range: Be relevant to your target group at the right time, whether they are instore, mobile, in the webshop or on social media.
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