How to organize a PIM Team?

Three ways to create a PIM team


In general we see three ways to create a PIM team:

  • Centralized

While there may be many users who view the product information across the organization, the actually editing is done by a small core team who maintains the data.


  • Decentralized

In this case each department is made responsible for enriching some of the product data. Sales, for example, maintain attributes related to sales, marketing for marketing, logistic for logistics. This model is more popular among production companies where a lot of people are involved in product creation.


  • Hybrid

Sometimes some of the work is delegated while the responsible unit still does most of the work.

In general we are strongly in favor of limiting the flow of product information outside the PIM system to a minimum. When a department has the information about a product, either because it is provided by an external source or because it creates this information itself, the department itself should enter the information directly into the PIM system.

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