Other ways of implementing personalization

Personalization engine is not equal to recommendation engine. You can personalize the composition of the products displayed to various customers  - this is the method also called ‘applying product recommendations’.  

But you can personalize many other aspects in terms of impact on the customer:


1. Product Offers

Product offers are most important aspect to personalize on your site. Within a single offer you can personalize:
-Product characteristics (if you have more colors of a certain product but you know your customer’s favourite color)

-The price shown to the customer (if you know that your customer is loyal, but very price-sensitive, or has a long purchase history and deserves discounted prices)

-Time limit imposition (for customers staying on the product page longer, you can display a clock-down, or social media sourced-notifications that ‘this product just has been purchased by 23 customers and you we run out from supply soon)

-Product copy and visuals supporting the product.


2. Onsite Content - apart from the products


Other content displayed on the sites of your store can be important in terms of education and motivation of your customers.

Real-time presentation of customer-related content belongs to the art of personalization:  in front of your visitor you can change the following elements:

-The composition of containers and menus,

-Search functions,

-Hero images and other dominant visuals,

-Blog posts, downloadable materials, freebies,

3. Pop-Ups

Pop-Ups usually get activated when your visitor is about to leave the store, hesitate too much, or at any other events the store considers important. You can personalize pop-ups to follow the user’s browsing habits, the user’s abandonments, you can time them or you can even tailor them to your customers’ special mouse usage habits.

4. Personalized Information Bars

Information bars, call-out offers, fortune wheels also an effective way to utilize the personalization value of each site visitor. A few examples:
-Offering lower shipping rates to the customer being close to the warehouse. This can appear placed into the product page body, or can be floated above it to make it stand out from the contents.

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