What is on site and off site personalization?

In the next unit  (Different pages of an e-commerce store) you will find the examples of On-site Personalization detailed by e-commerce subpages. In the present unit Off-site Personalization is defined.

Personalization doesn’t stop at the physical boundaries of the e-commerce site - it spills over to all the online and offline places where the customer presence is expected.

Recommendations out of the boundaries of the store


E-mail/SMS/social media campaigns are also heavily penetrated by personalization - as long as the customer profile contains the email, social media profile and phone number (whose procession is approved by the user) along with the preferences and purchase history.




Recommendations presented in the Messenger.


There’s a flourishing scene offering recommendation engine solutions- the statistics betray that e-Commerce stores can increase their revenues around 10% with onsite personalization and placing product recommendation boxes that will turn their visitors into real customers, but these numbers can be reached usually only with full scope personalization covering all the subpages of the store and all the off-site channels.

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