Practical examples of the next level of personalization

 Practical examples of the next level of personalization. Case studies and best practices of e-commerce sites

The following collection of case studies is comprised of 4 examples: 2 enterprise- and 2 SME-sized online retailer. /
Altex, a leading consumer electronics chain ( and having 100 bricks-and-mortar stores in Romania implemented  Product Recommendations, Personalized Product Listings, and Search Personalization modules with highly customized business rules.
Altex’s highly specific needs were fulfilled as the currently implemented Yusp modules account for more than 11% of the company’s online sales.




GittiGidiyor is the leading third-party e-commerce platform in Turkey with a history of 15 years. After being acquired by eBay in 2011 GittiGidiyor has leveraged its position as a leader and became Turkey’s No.1  shopping site with an average of 38 million visitors per month and about 15 million registered members. To find the best recommender solution capable of matching eBay’s high standards in terms of performance and reliability, GittiGidiyor tested eBay Turkey’s in-house recommendation engine against the world’s best providers that included companies from Turkey, Europe and the USA. The test resulted in the prominence of Yusp that significantly outperformed its 5 global competitors on several integration points and achieved 55% more conversions and 48% more revenue per 1000 impressions than the second best tested solution, which made GittiGidiyor to opt Yusp and set up a long-term cooperation:


“Yusp have not only returned the best results on all critical KPIs but also fully met our needs with its great flexibility, high responsiveness and detail orientedness.”

— Oğuzhan Poyrazoğlu, Head of Technology & Product, GittiGidiyor eBay


3. (SME)

Trendmaker, a Hungarian online fashion retailer was to boost revenues and user engagement on their site through relevant product recommendations.

What makes Trendmaker special that customers enjoy brand new product lines and fashion items (branded jewelry, watches, bags, sunglasses and clothes with huge discounts) every few days, instead of every month or season.

After Yusp implemented recommendation boxes on the website on product-, and category pages, users who clicked on recommendations shown a 61% higher conversion and 113% more product pages were visited by customers who clicked on recommendations. Moreover, Yusp recommendations resulted in $15 extra revenue generated by every 1000 recommendations and in a 4.97% global CTR.



4. a medical supplies retailer implemented recommendation engines in February 2017. In the first months product page recommendation saw a 4,63 % click-through rate, and the revenue generated on these leads made up 4,15 % of the monthly revenue. After 9 months CTR (click-through rate) with a 250% performance increase peaked in November, with an 11.5% annual average click-through rate which made up an average 12,7 % of the monthly income.

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