How can you implement Performance Marketing in every phase of the customer journey?

To implement performance marketing in your customer journey, it is important to, first of all, know your customer journey. If you know your online customer journey then it is important to implement the needed technique to start with performance marketing.


Work out a customer journey funnel document, whereby all possible pages in the funnel are being mentioned, to make sure you reach all audiences who are in the customer journey.

Based on the document, we advise to make sure every webpage in the customer journey funnel is tagged, so that audiences can be created for remarketing. A good tool for this is Google Tag Manager. With one implemented tag on your website you can easily manage all necessary tags.


If all pages are tagged, then you can set up a remarketing strategy whereby you start with targeting funnel 1 and exclude 2 and above. The next strategy will target audience 2 and exclude 3 and above and so on.

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