What are the processes in performance marketing?

When talking about performance marketing and starting with this type of marketing, one always needs to know what his advertiser's objectives, goals and KPIs are and what kind of campaign one wants to run.


Based on the project's main goal, you can set-up a campaign strategy in which you continue to optimize your strategies to the campaign goal(s). Make sure you show the right type of advertisement at the right time and focused on the right prospect. Know the audiences that you want to target, in what umfelt you want to be visible and what kind of data you want to collect and use in your campaign.


Make sure your set-up is clear and that you are absolutely certain that you measure every important metric in the right way, without any results being incorrect or double. Determine your measurement and data points and moments.


Once you have set-up the campaign structure and strategy, continue to monetize and optimize them and focus on the campaign goals. Work towards the best performance and make sure your return on investment (ROI) is positive.

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