What are the latest trends and developments in performance marketing?

The latest trends and developments in the field of performance marketing include:


Viewable CPM pricing model. This is a pricing model in which the advertiser only pays for the impressions that are viewable. Viewability means that at least 50% of the banner is shown for three seconds or more during a single session.

Native advertising

This type of advertising concerns advertising your brand in the look & feel of the website on which you are advertising.

Mobile advertising

Actually, this is not the latest trend, but the development of the mobile market over the last few years has been incredible. The most important trends for mobile are specified mobile campaigns (and not direct translations from desktop campaigns to mobile devices) and special in-app advertising campaigns. The latest developments in mobile is that it is now possible to use mobile data, mobile viewability and cross-device reporting.


dOOH stands for digital out of home. This means buying digital billboards or other digital screens, for example on roads with huge amounts of traffic or in big shopping centers.

TV Syncing

A general trend is TV Syncing. This means that when the commercial is being broadcast on TV, a software tool recognizes that you are watching this TV commercial and then starts serving online bannering (second-screen principle). What is up and coming within this trend is radio syncing and syncing with dOOH possibilities.

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