Do you have full transparency of online media spendings?

In general, the answer to this questions is "no", but this is an issue with which the whole performance market is struggling. This is due to the fact the performance marketing landscape is quite complicated (especially in the programmatic area).

There are several online media tools with which you can easily see what amount is being spent for what advertiser on what website. Through these tools you can also calculate what amount is being spent on an impression, click, lead or conversion.


However, this is not fully transparent and it will never be. This is because the landscape of the performance market itself is not fully transparent, and not every agency shows you exactly on what websites your ad is being shown (for example, this is a common thing when working with Bid URL’s or Programmatic Deal ID’s). Another aspect that is not fully transparent is the way in which your money is exactly being spent: how much goes to the advertiser, how much goes to the agency, how much goes to the technology agency, etc.

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