What are appropriate strategies for performance marketing?

To start with an appropriate strategy you need to determine your campaign's objectives and work out the most suitable digital strategy. Performance marketing continues to encourage online shopping by targeting the right consumers at the right moments on their preferred devices. Make your objectives SMART, know how to identify your audiences, use fitting price models, and determine your objective's (for example: reach, leads, sales) maximum budget and price.


Make sure that the back-end for setting up your campaign is correct and complete. Make sure you measure every metric you want to measure and that it is being measured correctly.


Integrate owned CRM data (DMP) for attribution modeling, make use of third-party data to target third-party audiences so that you can match your targeted audiences. Make use of look-a-like targeting to target the same kind of audiences, based on your first-party data. For a conversion strategy, always make sure to know the customer journey and tag every step of the funnel, so that you can easily reach the audience that did not complete the whole funnel.

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