How to turn data into actual insights for publishers, advertisers and agencies around the world?

Data is a very hot topic in performance marketing nowadays. For turning data into actual insights, it is first good to know which (general) types of data are available.

  • First-party data: This is data directly coming from the customer/client, such as website behavior and website traffic. To access this data you can make use of tagging the pages you need and create audiences or start working with Google Tag Manager
  • Second-party data: This is (first-party) data coming from a partner without having to pay for this data. Sometimes this data is also being achieved by exchanging your own first-party data
  • Third-party data: This is paid data coming from a partner or a data collection vendor.

Based on the campaign objectives you need to determine which kind of data you want to use and what you need to set up to receive the data you want to use. If you know what kind of data you use, you can easily turn this into insights. For example, when the data is for a 20-25 men targeted audience, but you see you buy a lot of inventory on female-related websites you know the data is off. If the data focus on high viewability, but your actual viewability is low you know the data does not match the promises.

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