What are the benefits of community management?

Communities seem ideal for companies as you can bound your audience to your organization, keep them close to you and at the same time respond to their needs. Earlier we described some of the benefits of creating a community. In short these are:

  • gaining a deeper understanding of your audience;
  • receiving valuable customer insights;
  • building a relationship with individuals;
  • creating (user-generated) content for SEO / receiving more traffic to your brand.

All the familiar social media channels can be used to create a community around your brand. This is cost-efficient and you should be there anyway. However, with an own community you are able to build relationships more easily and profound. You are not restricted to technology and can incorporate your own look and feel. You can also measure most statistics more easily.


This pyramid shows the benefits of community management and their importance. Building relationships forms the foundation and is therefore seen as the most important benefit of creating your own community.

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