What is the key criteria for choosing a payment aggregator?

Key criteria for choosing a payment aggregator


According to the Global Digital 2018 report, 23% of the world's inhabitants buy consumer goods online. For the 2018th year, this number increased by 8%. Therefore, it is important for business to provide a convenient method of payment (and not one) on the site. We will consider the criteria for choosing payment aggregators and site requirements.


Aggregators combine several methods of receiving payments. Companies do not need to enter into a contract with each service, set up different APIs - just connect it. In turn, the aggregators impose requirements on the sites with which they work.


Site Requirements
The requirements of aggregators may vary. We present the main ones.
·       Full content filling and working internal links.
·       The site must be located on a second-level domain. For example, example.com is a second-level domain, example.somesite.com is a third-level domain.
·       Name of the company, its legal and actual address, a detailed description of the goods and services that the retailer provides.
·       Products or services presented on the site should not contradict the law, ethical standards.
·       Availability of prices - in national currency and / or its equivalent in foreign.
·       A description of the procedure for ordering goods and returning money, terms and conditions of delivery, points of issue.
·       Static IP address, not hosted on free hosting servers. Single domain name for all pages related to the online store.
·       The checkout process must be HTTPS protected.
·       Client non-disclosure policy.


If the site does not meet the requirements, the retailer should modify it.


Key criteria for choosing a payment aggregator

If you choose an aggregator, your customers can choose from several payment methods that are most convenient for them. For example, by credit card, electronic wallet, cash in the terminal, etc.


What you need to pay attention to:

• The geography of the payment system - make sure that the payment aggregator works in those countries where you want to serve customers.

• The percentage of the transaction. Find out how much the aggregator will take from each payment transaction and keep this in mind when pricing.

• Terms of withdrawal. First of all, make sure that it is possible to cash funds in your area at all.

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