Which site elements can the online merchandiser use?

As mentioned before, an online merchandiser is responsible for developing the best possible shopping experience. In order to do so, the merchandiser has several site elements and features to work with:

  • Product display: How can the customer be inspired and enticed to buy specific products?
  • Navigation structure: How does the customer find his way on the website by using the navigation?
  • Product facets: How can the customer filter the offered assortment down to the right product for him or her?
  • Sorting: How can the products be shown best be sorted to offer an optimized experience?
  • Product information: How will you make sure that the customer will find all the required information?
  • Internal search: How does the customer find his way on the website by using the search function?
  • Size guides: How does the customer know what the perfect size of a product is for him?
  • Localization/Segmentation: How can the online shop be customized towards specific customer segments or local preferences?

In addition the website can be localized and even personalized to the needs of the visitors.


Product display

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