What are the differences between digital branding and online merchandising?

A good website combines the brand with the product, marketing with sales and Digital Branding with Online Merchandising. As a result, the latter two are sometimes mixed up, but what actually sets them apart?


Digital Branding


In Digital Branding, the brand's positioning is the key element. Digital channels and assets are used to communicate a brands positioning online.


Digital Branding is part of Digital Marketing, which has its origins rooted in Direct Marketing. Brands can take notice of what is being said about them, their products or their services online, by monitoring conversations or messages taking place outside of their own website thanks to several monitoring tools, such as Social Mention, BrandsEye or Social Radar. This information is used to better position the brand online.

In Digital Branding, we focus on the positioning of the brand. Key elements of Digital Branding are:

  • Maximum positioning of the brand
  • Increase engagement of the brand
  • Align activities from brand and channel perspective.


Online Merchandising


In Online Merchandising, it is all about the product. Merchandising refers to the variety of products available for purchase and displaying these products in such a way that it is stimulating interest and convinces your customer to make a purchase.


Online merchandisers usually are not responsible for creating or managing the product inventory, but their main focus is to optimize the performance of the product inventory in the ecommerce environment, based on the data of the customer behavior.

In Online Merchandising, we focus on the positioning of the product. Key elements of Online Merchandising are:

  • Reach maximum product engagement
  • Increase conversion
  • Increase sales per order
  • Optimize product presentation


The challenge of combining digital branding and online merchandising


Marketing and Sales have different responsibilities which may sometimes result in a conflict. Marketing wants to focus on communicating the brand with a huge visual on the homepage while the online merchandiser may prefer to have the best deals on the home page to get rid of some products with too much inventory.

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