How to deal with the continuously changing environment?

Educate yourself and your team

  • Visit events
  • Keep track of your competition
  • Monitor the big guys

In ecommerce, no day is the same. New technologies and ecommerce possibilities arise every day. Make sure you and your team keep visiting events, keep track of your competition and see what the big online players such as Amazon and eBay are doing in their daily business. Even though the online industry is doing well and continues to grow every year, it also means that more competition will arise and that it will be harder for the smaller brands and companies to keep up. In online there is no time to catch up. You need to be aware of the latest developments and act on this now if you do not want to fall behind.

Invest in your platform

  • Your website should render well on all devices
  • Make sure your cross-device experience is as good as it should be
  • Monitor loading time, server response time and bounce rate
  • Focus on platform stability

To handle this continuously changing environment you need to make sure that your platform is ready. Make sure that your website is rendering well on the different devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) but that they also work well across each other. A lot of customers are using multiple devices while making a purchase (for example: orientation on mobile while traveling to work and ordering on a tablet). However, it is important to not forget the following:

  • Loading time
  • Server response time
  • Bounce rate

If these 3 things are not what they should be, it can definitely ruin your customer experience. Always make sure that your technical setup is stable and that your customers do not have any problem while navigating on your website. A high bounce rate could mean that your content might not be sufficient, but it could also indicate that there is a technical problem that needs to be fixed right away.

Work efficiency. Make sure your processes are ready

  • User-friendly efficient ecommerce platform and PIM (Product Information Management)
  • CMS – Content Management System
  • Allround team

Create dashboards and stop working on time-consuming reporting. Make sure you can act fast when it is needed. We all know how fast online trends can go. You need to make sure that your setup can handle it. Invest in easy-to-understand dashboards that can easily be shared with your company's management and board. Make sure it provides information that you can act on. Having an all-round team will definitely help you with enrolling new online trends faster as well.

One of the most important things is having a flexible ecommerce platform and product information management tool that allow you to adjust elements in a faster way. Often we work with systems where flexibility means extra development (which means extra costs and hours) and product information cannot be adjusted right away but takes a while to be updated. This will not do your business any good. We need to be as flexible and efficient as possible with our general product information, content and merchandising.

Cross-channel and omnichannel

  • Provide the same experience online as in your retail stores
  • Integrated campaigns
  • Better user experience and trust with customer

Make sure that your stores (both online and offline) provide the same experience to the customer. In this changing environment that is not an easy thing to do, but it will pay off at the end. Make sure you set up integrated campaigns that look the same on, for example, your website, mobile app and retail stores. No matter what device or what store your customer is in, your story should be the same. That will generate the best customer experience.

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