How to create a Marketing Program Plan?

Based on the company strategy plan and the marketing strategy plan a marketing program can be created. The marketing program plan usually focusses on one specific customer segment and product offering to realize one or several marketing goals.


Usually this covers a period of one year. Again steps from earlier processes may have to be repeated to get a better understanding of the customer, competition, and the like.


Table of content of a marketing plan


In the end the marketing program plan should include:

  • the additional insights gathered during the analysis;
  • the customer segments targeted;
  • the product offering towards the customer segment;
  • the overall marketing goals;
  • a breakdown of the different marketing goals into high-level campaign plans;
  • an overview of the campaigns plan with for each of the campaigns:
    • the campaign goals and tracking;
    • the key campaign messages and offers;
    • the campaign media plan and budget;
    • the audience interaction and participation;
    • the optimization and testing plan;
    • the advocacy and sharing plan;
  • an overview of the required resources (financial and human).

Annual marketing flows of industries


Many companies have an annual program plan which is largely the same every year. Usually these are in line with the flow of an industry. A few examples:


Travel industry:

  • November – December, Start new offering: Publication of new travel packages (online and in print) and start of the promotion to loyal customers.
  • January – February, Early booking season: The new offering is promoted to families with children who want to be sure they get the accommodation they desire.
  • May – July, Last-minute season: Targeted more to younger consumers and bargain hunters. Travel organizations need to sell their accommodations before the holiday season is over.
  • September – October, Autumn and Christmas holidays: Customers interested in having an autumn or Christmas holiday are targeted, first with inspirational offerings and as the last-minute period nears, more with price-focused promotions.
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