Case study: How can omnichannel transform a business?

Transforming a business with Omnichannel


Ashley Meier was one of the first retailer to implement an omnichannel retail business using the powerful combination of Lightspeed Retail and Lightspeed eCom. Her goal when opening her namesake store in Nashville was to make her customers happy and to share with them her passion for interior design and organic linens, as well as to ultimately sell online.


One month after beginning her omnichannel journey, all it took to Ashley to integrate her physical and online stores into a single one was a few button clicks. We went to Nashville to catch up with her.


Saving time and effort


When selling through multiple channels, one of the main struggles for the retailer is inventory management. If that one uses two different solutions to manage online and physical sales, it is equal to double inventory and therefore double work. Despite opening up an additional store, Ashley’s responsibilities have remained the same thanks to Lightspeed’s solutions, she says. Indeed, thanks to the interactivity and connection allowed by the platform, Ashley’s retail point of sales and online store are integrated, which makes the inventory process becoming a smooth and automated process.


“I can sell online and in-store simultaneously and I don’t have to do twice the work.”


An overall view of her business


One of the key to retail success is to make fact-based decisions. It is essential in order to correctly manage your store to:

-          Track your sales

-          Know your profit (hourly/daily/monthly/yearly)

-          Analyze sales channel performance

-          Align your offer with the demand

-          Optimize employee performance


The right reports need to be accessible at any time, and it is crucial to interpret the data. When selling both via a brick-and-mortar and an online store, it is necessary to create individual reports for both and then merge them to understand how is your company doing. Now, thanks to the omnichannel approach, she can see the big picture and has an easy access to the data she needs (inventory, sales, customer or employee data) and it became easier to make the right choices for her business.


Increased customer loyalty and sales


Ashley understood that, in order to be connected to the customer and create a brand/customer relationship with them, you as a company need to be reachable 24/7: “If you’re not online and you’re not reaching customers where they are, I think you’re really losing major opportunities to connect with them”.

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