What are the keys to omnichannel success?

How to achieve a successful omnichannel process?


In the retail industry, the customer is at the core of the activity, as without customers there is simply nothing. Retailers ought to put the customer in the center of their vision, as according to Newvoice ‘50% of people will engage with any company (retailer of otherwise) more frequently after a positive customer experience and 73% of consumers say friendly customer service reps can make them “fall in love with a brand”’. Omnichannel proves itself to have more impact than a simple trend, for customers it has become an expectation as ‘0% of Canadians are enthusiastic about making online purchases and 65% of customers are frustrated by inconsistent experiences across channels’.


Retailers who seek to understand their customers in every channel they might come/switch/pass through are the ones truly understanding the customer’s journey and expectations that are experienced. For instance, the absence of answer to your customers on social media can have you left behind, as Gartner reports ‘churn rate can increase by 15% if organizations don’t respond to customers on social media’.


Creativity is one of the keys in the omnichannel journey, as retailers have to understand when to press which button to interact with their customers. In order to connect with them, retailers need to be attentive and sensitive to customers’ buying cycles in order to trigger relevant purchasing motivators at the right moment.


These can be:

-          When to email a discount to a customer that visited your physical stores several times?

-          What are the most used comparing sites by your customers?

-          How to understand the purchasing frequency?

-          Where are customers sharing or talking about their concerns?


Being attentive to the customer in general will help you improving customer service and retention. An organized and efficient omnichannel strategy is a win for both the customer and the retailer. The best way of building a relationship with your customer is to be available and at reach at anytime of the day or of the night, in other words, your brand needs to be available night and day.

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