Alignment in mobile commerce O2O

New business cases and new business models

As businesses move towards new solutions, they change organisation wise. This means that business models and business cases also change. The way we work, the focus of the business, methods and processes, they all change and need to be aligned. Competencies change, content management is everything, and connectivity is the central focus. Aligned e-commerce retail means a new view on human resources, economic models and theories, and how to apply new technologies in a permanent change setting. We will look how those perpetual changes can be aligned, supported in a permanent learning program.



Webshop and brick store can be connected through mirrors, screens and apps in an online and offline platform. Pictures that are used in a webshop, can be transformed into a videoclip for digital signage. Taking it one step further, and adding augmented reality or a QR code, it is possible to connect directly from the screen or mirror on site to the webshop, and make that conversion. The same can work for ads. 



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